The AAlchemy Mission

  • To meet, engage, and form launching pads for multi-disciplinary innovation in the art of live and streamed immersive performance that large and growing audiences are demanding world-wide.
  • To fill the vacuum in the existing New York City cultural landscape by providing the ideal physical venue for creating this next-generation high-in-demand performance art.
  • To feature emerging international artists and their American counterparts, creators whose world-wide success and documented appeal to audiences is anchored in storytelling that employs leading-edge immersive techniques in dance, music, theater, multi-media, filming and streaming audience-satisfying productions.
  • To establish AAlchemy’s reputation as an acclaimed go-to incubator and startup hub for immersive performance artists – and artists from other fields (e.g. composers who want to write for renowned dance artists; filmmakers specializing in immersive filming techniques).
  • To build into the physical AAlchemy building the successful performance space alternatives that have allowed – even through the worst times of the current pandemic – creative programming continuity and revenue generation by performing arts companies and their filmmaker, multi-media, and production partners.