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The AAlchemy Online Story

The AAlchemy Online Story

“Purpose-built for dance artists and their immersive filmmaking teams to be known to the world and get more funding for their creations.”

The story of NPAFE’s AAlchemy Online is the story of harnessing the power of visual art, of dance and especially of immersive dance filmmaking that is attracting whole new global audiences.

The success of “So You Think You Can Dance”, “Dancing With The Stars”, and their spinoffs in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australasia, Japan and China confirms the growing world-wide market, viewership and demand for skillfully curated sensual dance-centric entertainment.

AAlchemy Online is the first to give these growing audiences that chance: to choose their own time and place to escape to the very exquisite sensuality of a dancer’s movement that they crave. It is the first purpose-built production house meant to meet this market, by co-producing and promoting the work of skilled dance artists and filmmakers with proven track records creating videos – especially short videos – that immerse audiences in the sensuality of storytelling by dance.

Coupled with promoting this special art, the business purpose of AAlchemy Online is to:

  • Offer Netflix and/or Amazon Prime direct access to AAlchemy Online’s exclusive worldwide network of immersive filmmakers successfully employing advanced technology to record dance,
  • Verify to Netflix and Amazon Prime the value of these one-of-a-kind productions for growing audiences in the otherwise increasingly crowded and competitive streaming industry, and
  • Channel production funding from Netflix and Amazon Prime to AAlchemy-network creators and also to deliver ensuing royalties back to the creators.

Streamed video length will be 1 to 6 minutes (longer works possible), both color and B/W, with or without dialogue and/or music – these and all other creative elements are at the creators’ sole discretion. For promoting creators on social media platforms (e.g. Instagram; TikTok), video length will be max 59 seconds. Where editing may be required to shorten a video, the AAlchemy Online team will collaborate with creators to prepare the final cut. In all cases, titling and credits will emphasize the creators with only minimal mention of AAlchemy and NPAFE.

Marketing AAlchemy Online will center on social media (Instagram, TikTok and Facebook) coupled with traditional media like TV, podcasts, newspapers, and influential Instagram accounts. AAlchemy-network creators will have free use of all marketing material created by AAlchemy and NPAFE to promote their works and AAlchemy Online itself.

Consistent with the core NPAFE and AAlchemy mission, AAlchemy Online will promote and showcase videos by NPAFE/AAlchemy network imagineers completely free of charge to the creators, whether they be dancers, choreographers, filmmakers, directors, or their teams. Existing and new videos will be featured, uploaded to and presented on a scheduled basis to AAlchemy Online YouTube and Amazon Prime channels, coupled with marketing to global audiences to publicize both the videos and their creators.

AAlchemy Online will launch on or about June 1, 2023. No later than its first 6 month run, the platform will be offered to Netflix / Amazon Prime in exchange for their commitment to finance multi-year film works by AAlchemy’s global -producer network of immersive dance film creators.

Questions? Comments? Email info@aalchemy.org.


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