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Let The World See Your Videos On AAlchemy Online

Let The World See Your Videos On AAlchemy Online

NPAFE’s AAlchemy Online pilot intended for Netflix or Hulu streaming features the work of skilled dance artists and filmmakers like you who are creating videos – especially short videos – that purposefully immerse audiences in the sensuality of storytelling by dance.

The pilot’s purpose is to incentivize streamers like Netflix to channel long-term production funding to creators like you.

Unlike most dance videos recorded in an ordinary proscenium style, AAlchemy Online features videos from filmmakers, choreographer, dancers and their teams who collaborate to break through the fourth wall and digitally reach their audiences, close up and personal. 

AAlchemy Online videos are short: 1 to 6 minutes long, in color or B/W, with or without dialogue and/or music – these and all other creative elements are at the creators’ sole discretion. Longer works can be edited down in collaboration with the creators. All of them refer the viewer back to the creators websites, Instagram, and other social media.

AAlchemy Online promotes and showcases these videos completely free of charge to the creators, whether they be dancers, choreographers, filmmakers, directors, or their teams.

So, if you have one or more videos that you would like to be showcased on AAlchemy Online, use the form to let us know. Other Questions? Comments? Email us info@aalchemy.org.


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