In business as in film and the performing arts, reaching the right audience means everything.

    For sure, corporate support for AAlchemy helps immeasurably to affirm our mission: to empower creators from around the world to present next-generation high-in-demand immersive performance art to audiences everywhere.

    But it does lots more than that.

    When you align your brand with AAlchemy, you will be aligned with one of the most innovative global networks creating live and filmed immersive entertainment.

    Your corporate sponsorship of AAlchemy provides significant brand exposure across media, promotion through worldwide AAlchemy partnerships, a global press network, and unparalleled access to AAlchemy’s Manhattan laboratory and living museum for client and employee engagement.

    Your corporate sponsorship also demonstrates your brand’s strong commitment to quality, innovation, and excellence to local, national and global audiences, people who are among the most discerning, sophisticated and loyal patrons in the world.

    AAlchemy’s roster of high quality and diverse programs planned for 2023-2027 (and beyond) provides an unparalleled range of opportunities for hand-crafted custom corporate partnerships. Whatever your target group, AAlchemy can fulfil the broadest spectrum of your sponsorship objectives.

    Opportunities for collaboration and brand alignment even include customized marketing sponsorships, employee engagement activities, and corporate membership.

    Become an AAlchemy Corporate Supporter and align your brand with the best.

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