What Is AAlchemy? And What Is Immersion of the Mind tm?

What Is AAlchemy? And What
Is Immersion of the Mind? tm

A division of the nonprofit National Performing Arts Funding Exchange, AAlchemy is a purpose-built producer / digital streamer / incubator for immersive productions that can be experienced at home without VR.

It is leveraging an exclusive international network of writers, performers, dancers, musicians, multimedia and technology specialists that NPAFE has been building since 2016 for creating, presenting, and distributing highly-sought-after Immersion of the Mind™ immersive content to major streamers and their worldwide audiences.

Immersion of the Mind is achieved when creators and performers become directors, defining what they want the audience to be experiencing and how they want the camera people to achieve this result.

What AAlchemy – And You – Can Achieve With Immersion of the Mind tm

  • Setting new standards for true immersive performances, especially “film-first” 2D immersive videos that can be streamed to home viewers.
  • Meeting growing demand for watching immersive performance at home without VR or having to go to a theater.
  • Offering major streamers like HBO, Netflix, and Disney+ the chance to capture these thirsty-for-immersive-audiences, with no VR equipment needed at all.
  • Sharing immersive art, advanced filmmaking, and production know-how with young aspirants to the performing arts and filmmaking worlds, with special emphasis on overcoming social injustice barriers that too often block deserving youth from access to this knowledge share.

How AAlchemy Respects Your Intellectual Property

From time to time, AAlchemy will make reference to or present all or part of images and videos that have been created by individuals and or their production teams who are not directly associated with NPAFE or AAlchemy. These images or videos will appear, for example, in the NPAFE website, in the AAlchemy.org website, in social media postings authored by NPAFE and / or AAlchemy, and in other communications originated by NPAFE and / or AAlchemy.

In no case does NPAFE or AAlchemy make any claim to ownership of any such images and videos. To the contrary, NPAFE and AAlchemy consider any such images and videos to be the intellectual property of their rightful owners.

Any use by NPAFE or AAlchemy of these images and videos occurs only after the rightful owners of these images and videos, their representatives, or others who have the right to use them have authorized NPAFE and / or AAlchemy to make use of them. Prior to their use, NPAFE and AAlchemy will make every effort to determine the actual owners of this intellectual property in order to make explicit reference, e.g. by crediting in words, to those owners.

Want to know more about AAlchemy? Click here.

Want to know more about AAlchemy?
Click here.