What Is AAlchemy? And What Is Immersion of the Mind?

What Is AAlchemy? And What
Is Immersion of the Mind?

A division of the nonprofit National Performing Arts Funding Exchange, AAlchemy is a purpose-built producer / digital streamer / incubator for immersive productions, leveraging an exclusive international network of writers, performers, dancers, musicians, multimedia and technology specialists for creating, presenting, and distributing highly-sought-after immersive content to major streamers and their worldwide audiences. 

Positioned to partner with a REIT or RELP owning the underlying real estate in which its operations are to be housed, AAlchemy is meeting the growing global demand for true immersive programming that can be streamed right into people’s homes without their having to buy or wear expensive VR equipment.

The global “immersiveness” network that NPAFE has been building since 2016, now among one of AAlchemy’s key assets, today reaches to videography and performing arts innovators who for years with ever-growing success have been experimenting with graphically achieving genuine immersion in 2D.

AAlchemy’s own success and certainly the future success of its creative partners is anchored in coupling that success with Immersion of the Mind™.

Immersion of the Mind is itself a custom-designed conceptual and technological process for assuring that audiences are immersed in what is being presented. It is achieved only when live, live-streamed and video programming is planned from the very beginning for audiences to acquire special agency from learning, seeing and feeling the creators’ and performers’ own motives, not just from learning, seeing and feeling the story being told.

There’s more. With Immersion of the Mind, the creators and performers themselves also acquire special agency. It comes from defining their own sense of what they want the audience to be experiencing well before the performance begins or the first take is filmed. And when the production is filmed, it is delivered in compelling 2D immersive product through global streaming services like HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime and others.

As electronic postmasters creating demand as well as delivering content, these streamers will now be able to offer the kinds of immersive experiences anchored in the AAlchemy “product” that younger and not-so-young audiences demand, yet whose time and attention are ever-more difficult for streamers to capture. AAlchemy will be helping streamers solve this problem.

Last but not least: AAlchemy is already channeling more funding to creators of all genuinely-immersive forms, a goal central to AAlchemy’s mission.

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