What Film First Immersion Of The Mindtm Videos Really Look Like

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What Film First Immersion Of The Mindtm
Videos Really Look Like

The film first Immersion Of The Mindtm 2D video process turns the filmmaking process on its head. Performers themselves become main collaborators with filmmakers in directing how camera and post-production people must have – and use – a deep knowledge of the artistry that they are recording, and how they must position the camera during filming and do the editing in the cutting room.

Imagine what would happen if camera people didn’t have a feel, or had no knowledge of music or dance while filming “The Nutcracker” or a revival of “West Side Story” or “Chorus Line”. Most and perhaps all of what is compelling in those stories would be lost in the video.

Scroll down to see for yourself how real viewer immersion is achieved in 2D. Each video shows you how brilliant choreographers, dancers, musicians, lighting experts and their filmmaker team members achieved the magic of viewer immersion – achieved when choreographers and performers were on the team directing the filmmaking itself.

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