Isabelle Nelson’s KERN – An Exclusive 30 Oct. Videocast From Amsterdam

Isabelle Nelson’s KERN – An Exclusive 30 Oct. Videocast From Amsterdam

Isabelle Nelson and dancers are screening an exclusive video of Nelson’s award-winning dance film “KERN” on 30 September from Noon Europe time to midnight … (6 AM Eastern US to 6 PM).

You can reserve your seat to watch this compelling KERN video performance right from home.

KERN tells the fascinating story about the core of a community and what binds us or tears us apart, exploring themes of interconnection, sustaining others and reciprocity, affirming one’s humanity through recognition of an “other’s” uniqueness,

Nelson’s work has earned 5 Winning Awards from the ‘Paris Play Film Festival,’ ‘Vesuvius International Film Festival,’ ‘Florence Film Awards,’ ‘New York Neorealism Film Awards’ as well as being a finalist in the ‘Sweden Film Awards.’ This film was made possible with support from Fonds Podiumkunsten and Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst.

Here’s the trailer. Don’t miss the showing.

About Isabelle Nelson

About Isabelle Nelson

New Zealand-born, raised, and educated in her early years in dance, Isabelle Nelson climbed on board a plane in 2013 and headed for the Netherlands on a “wing and a prayer” for achieving success as creator, choreographer, and dancer in Europe.

The inner drive that inspired Nelson to go halfway around the globe was not to be lost either on the Netherlands’ performing arts world or countries beyond. For, in the eight years since arriving in Europe, Nelson has become a true artist in demand, respected today for her remarkable success as creator, collaborator in TV, theater and dance production, and as choreographer of preferred choice for commissioned works in the European Union.

Especially praiseworthy is Nelson’s focus on the nitty-gritty of making complex things happen. Inevitably recording ideas with pen and notebook in hand when the time comes for working out “How are we going to get this project done?”, Nelson is one of those rare performing artists with a sixth sense for carefully and defining what has to be done, when, and by whom. It is no wonder that she has had such success in Europe building partnerships with creatives in music, staging, filming, sound, lighting and more.

Today, her achievements serve as the foundation for a new Nelson incarnation: as producer as well as choreographer/dancer of dance films including her  newest, KERN, a cinemagraphic production uniquely evoking the power of movement, emotion and passion for which so many of her co-creators and audiences hold her in deep respect.

As Co-Artistic Director at AAlchemy, Isabelle Nelson is imagineering the nonprofit’s creative programming including its Immersion of the Mind™ 2D immersive film productions. That’s no easy task: it is our good luck and yours that she is determined to make sure it all gets done very well.

Find out why at Isabelle Nelson’s website

Isabelle Nelson on Instagram: @in_dance_co @isabelle_j_nelson

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