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AAlchemy and Grants

AAlchemy and Grants

  • Growing the audience for the performing arts, especially concert dance, across all demographic groups including younger people and the too-often “performing arts disenfranchised”.
  • Cross-fertilization and knowledge share, by combining high-quality international talent with its US counterparts in concert dance, the performing arts, and the creative immersive filmmaking process.
  • Offering hands-on mentoring to younger people, especially among the traditionally disenfranchised, so that they acquire practical skills for succeeding in the creative performing arts world.
  • Structuring a replicable model for dance companies to collaborate successfully with filmmakers to create compelling film works.
  • Building a business model that generates revenue to assure that dancers and their creative partners are compensated fairly for their work.
  • Making sophisticated marketing and promotional services available to infinitely more dance creators.

For the next 18 months, AAlchemy will be directing all of its creative, festival and financial resources to:

  • Marrying choreography and dance with filmmaking, including sound, light, music, and advanced videography vital for creating new-form immersive dance film works like the one on this page, each purpose-designed to attract broad new audiences for dance.
  • Creating live- and live-streamed events bringing international artists together to present new, immersive and engaging works, always with a built-in philanthropic mission to expand resources for new and especially underrepresented talent to succeed.
  • Promoting emerging dance film creators – especially those from underprivileged circumstances – and marketing their creative works to streaming platforms such as HBO and Netflix with ensuing revenue flowing back to the creators themselves.
  • Offering an online platform for producing tutorials, workshops, and classes on producing immersive dance and dance-film works.
  • Recording the actual artistic process, highlighting and featuring artists online based on their ingenuity and inventiveness, all as part of AAlchemy’s dance and immersive filmmaking tutorials.

AAlchemy’s own private benefactor support in 2020 and 2021 today exceeds $110,000. The time has come to secure additional funding for hiring core staff and funding for AAlchemy’s first annual GMAB* Immersion Of The Mind ™ Film Festival, scheduled for Spring 2022 and centered on presenting WIP advanced cinemagraphic technology for streaming actual 2D immersive concert dance performances, all without any need for audiences to use VR goggles.

AAlchemy has secured commitments from world-class international filmmakers and performing artists to sustain AAlchemy’s creation and presentation of live and video “Immersion of the Mind” ™ immersive performing arts productions both for GMAB and for the coming five years and beyond – with special focus on substantially growing the domestic and international audience for concert dance.

Among these AAlchemy creators are today’s go-to filmmakers, choreographers, and dancers, imagineers selected and commissioned by a wide range of name producers, including the BBC, Google Arts & Culture, OnedanceUK, Celtic Connections, the New York State Council for the Arts, the Spring Board Montreal Project, the Paris Opera and Paris Fashion Week, the African Games, the Théâtre National de Chaillot, Choreodrome London, Art Council England, Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, Tanzcompagnie Giessen, and many more.

Coupled with these creator commitments to AAlchemy are agreements with high-quality commercial and performing arts spaces in New York City, Boston, London and beyond to house AAlchemy productions, festivals, workshops and living museum exhibitions through at least 2024, by which time AAlchemy will have its own production house, living museum, mentoring facilities, and a bespoke high-tech filming, streaming, and performance venue in New York City.

*GMAB: “Give Me A Break”

AAlchemy’s international management team is prepared to brief you by Zoom or conference call about:

  • its incubator initiatives,
  • its small- and large-scale performing arts immersive filmmaking of original works,
  • its film festivals,
  • its actual and planned partnerships with major streaming networks,
  • its “living museum” project,
  • its structure for sharing expertise with Performing Arts disenfranchised populations,
  • its strategic plan and detailed financial projections, and much more.

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What you are about to see was shot in one take with just one iPhone by AAlchemy AAlchemist Jamiel Laurence, one of AAlchemy’s choreographer / dancer / filmmaker creators, who was commissioned by the BBC to imagineer this immersive video to mark the opening of the BBC’s new HQ building in Glasgow.

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